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Company philosophy

At Edge-Works Manufacturing Company we have no interest in slick marketing schemes. Our focus has been, and will always be, in providing real solutions to our customers through innovation and uncompromising quality. This is why all our products are 100% made in the USA and backed with a Limited lifetime factory warranty. Our competitors call it crazy; our customers call it confidence but we see it as our rightful commitment to those who have put their trust in us.

Scott V. Evans

Director of Operations

Why Choose G-Code?

What really separates G-Code from all the others?

Quality is the difference.

Quality of the Fit.
“Fit is foundational to function”. The better a holster fits the weapon the better the rig will perform. The G-Code fit is second to none!



Quality through innovation:
Edge-Works Manufacturing Company innovation has lead the industry since 1997.  Through the use of high tech CAD / CAM processes Edge-Works has developed highly efficient and unique methods for the manufacture of thermoformed items. These methods yield a high level of precision and repeatability in production. In addition to innovative processes Edge-Works / G-Code products continually lead the pack via unique features such as:


  • Pro-Safe tensioning (G-Code was the first Kydex holster to have this feature.)
  • Modular system integration (G-Code was the first and still only true all modular holster system.)
  • Self powered tactical release mechanisms (SOC Holster, again the first to use this.)
  • Interchangeable cowling system (SOC holster the first and only holster to have it.)
  • MOLLE attachment systems such as the CLAW  and New H-MAR carry adaptors (Patent Pending)
  • RTI system (Patent pending)

Edge-Works innovation is evidence of our commitment to provide the best solutions and products to our customers.

Quality in features

All G-Code holsters incorporate:

  • Superior Weapon to Rig “Fit”
    The quality of the fit determines the quality of the holster. G-CODE delivers the best fit and function of any holster available.
    G-CODE fit is second to none.
  • “Pro-Safe” Tensioning
    Pro Safe Tensioning allows for tension adjustment in the rig while always maintaining a “safe level” of weapon retention. G-CODE precision-formed geometry and fastener placement, combined with the exacting fit of the holster, produces a ”fail safe” retention system. This offers you the security of knowing your firearm is always secure at your side. Pro-Safe Tensioning is only available from EDGE WORKS Manufacturing.
  • Strategically Engineered Slip Channels Slip Channels provide the necessary margins for  a “snag free” draw  regardless of factory, or after-market controls (such as a thumb safety or slide release).
  • Shirt/Sweat Guards
    All G-CODE rigs are available with an integrated shirt guard.  The guard prevents your shirt from being caught and pushed into the holster during re-holstering. The guard also protects your firearm from perspiration. G-CODE holsters give you increased wear-ability and comfort by incorporating this extra feature.
  • Unimpeded “Firing Grip” On The Draw A “TRUE” test of a quality rig is the ability of the user to obtain a full “firing grip” on the weapon prior to the draw. A full firing grip includes the direct contact between the middle finger and the trigger guard as well as the thumb wrapped completely around the pistol grip without any contact between the shooting hand and the holster. This enables the user to draw and fire without having to further adjust the grip. All G-CODE holsters are designed to provide the proper firing grip for the fastest possible draw.
  • Geometrically Engineered Strength
    G-CODE designer’s physically reinforced G-CODE products without increasing bulk by strategically forming and controlling the material. This is done by pre-engineering geometric “strength patterns” into the CAD designs. With the G-CODE line the wedge and claws of the paddle are one example of proper reinforcement.
    These design features smooth the look while increasing strength and performance.

Quality of construction

  • All G-Code products are constructed using only the best quality materials.
  • All Kydex components are precision molded.
  • All edges are buffed and polished.
  • Hardware items are hard coated and weather resistant.
  • Every component is 100% American made.

Quality in performance
With G-Code holsters presentations are Smooth, solid and clean. Precision fit enables a crisp, clean break on the draw and a secure, no rattle, carry. As such the user has confidence in carry and speed in presentations. In short G-Code products work and work well! Every G-Code product is designed for real world use by genuine operators. No fluff, no hype just solid performance.

Quality in adaptability
G-Code is the first and only ALL modular system. One holster that is completely interchangeable with an entire family of components. Change between a variety of paddles and belt-slides or switch between drop leg mounts and tactical vest carry.  G-Code holsters are completely adaptable so as to best meet the user’s specific needs.
G-Code’s paten pending RTI system takes this concept to new levels with a secure, quick attach and disconnect capability.

Quality of service
All G-Code products are backed with a lifetime factory warranty. No matter who the user, or owner, or what the reason: if ANY G-Code holster fails for any reason Edge-Works Manufacturing Company will repair or replace that holster free of charge.

Quality is the difference!

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About Us

We, ActionGear Asia (former AactionGear Thailand), is established in early 2015 at Thailand. At the beginning stage, we sell different gear, such as Tactical Gears, Military Clothing, Flashlight, Gun Holsters, and other Tactical Accessories to our clients including IDPA / IPSC shooters, airsoft players and individuals from forces.

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